Friday, 23 March 2012

Why we grow Mushrooms?

Mushroom in simple language is just fungus which is the God given natural health food for mankind. It is very nutritive and delicious food. Mushrooms are rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. It can form an important ingredient of food for a balance diet.

The major importance of growing mushrooms is as follows:
  • Mushrooms are the good source of quality proteins and contain 20-30% protein, which is higher than in vegetable and fruits. Cereals are deficient in two essentials amino acids, viz. lysine and tryptophan.
  • Mushrooms are rich in vitamin B complex and vitamin C.
  • They are good source of Minerals. The mineral content particularly calcium   and phosphorus are remarkably higher in mushroom than in many fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Potassium and sodium ratio is very high in mushroom, which is desirable for patients of hypertension.
  • Most of the mushroom have very low starch content and can form and ideal food for diabetic patients.
  • Cholesterol is absent, but ergo sterol is present which is converted into vitamin D in human Body. Therefore mushrooms are good for heart patients.
  • Due to high fiber content; it is beneficial for those having constipation.
  • More than their food value, the Mushrooms are sought for their flavor and used in soups, omelet, or garnish for meat and other food. The flavoring properties are well retained during canning, processing and cooking.
  • Mushroom Cultivation is a simple and easy job.
  • It can be started with low capital investment.
  • No big land is required, it can be started anywhere with meager space.
  • Mushroom cultivation is labor intensive so there are good job employability in that area. It can be started as home business or cottage industry.
  • Mushrooms spent materials can be used as organic fertilizer or can be used in horticultural purposes.      

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