Thursday, 22 March 2012

Start Goat farming in India

In india goats are the main meat-producing animals in India .Goat Farming in India has history as old as human civilization. Goat is a very prolific animal & useful for human being from horn to hoof, whose meat (chevon) is one of the choicest meats and has huge domestic demand. Due to its good economic prospects, goat rearing under intensive and semi-intensive system for commercial production has been gaining momentum for the past couple of years. High demand for goat and its products with potential of good economic returns have been deriving many progressive farmers, businessmen, professionals, ex-servicemen and educated youths to take up the goat enterprise on a commercial scale. The emerging favourable market conditions and easy accessibility to improved goat technologies are also catching the attention of entrepreneurs. A number of commercial goat farms have been established in different regions of the country.

Goat Farming in india becomming a very lucrative beusiness venture due to small capital investment and no much hard labour.Goat is also known as ‘Poor man’s cow’ in India and is a very important component in dry land farming system. Marginal or undulating lands unsuitable for other types of animals like cow or buffalo, goat is the best alternative. With very low investments goat rearing can be made in to a profitable venture for small and marginal farmers.

Advantages of goat farming:-
1> First of all it is low investment Business
2> No Hard Labour is required
3> Goats are friendly with man
4> There are not any relegious taboos
5> Meat and milk are very nutritive to human consuption

Indian Goat Breeds
1> Jamanapari
2> Barbari
3> Sirohi
4> Surti
5> Beetal
6> Marwari
7> Jakhrana
8> Osmanabadi

Goats sheds Management

   1>Construct shed on dry and properly raised ground.
   2>Avoid water-logging, marshy areas.
   3>In low lying and heavy rainfall areas the floors should be preferably elevated.
   4>In temperate Himalayan region the floor may be made of wood.
   5>The shed should be 10 ft. high and should have good ventilation.
   6>Bucks should be housed in individual pens.
   7>Does can be housed in groups up to 60 per pen.
   8>Provide proper shade and cool drinking water in summer.
   9>Dispose of dung and urine properly.
  10>Give adequate space for the animals. The housing space required for
  11>goats of various age groups is given in Annexure VIII.
  12>Avoid over stocking or crowding.

Presents Goat Farms In india are:-
    Goat india
    Indian Goat Farm
    Nadur Goat farm
    Shivaji Goat farm
    Coastal Goat Farm


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