Friday, 23 March 2012

Low Cost Irrigation System providers in india

In indian agriculture farmers usually doing irrigation by traditional methods which are highly labour intensive ,lots of energy and water goes waste whithout being used.Irrigation system products is very costly so the small and marginal farmers can not afford these costly products so here I am sharing my information to all the farmers of our country is that there are two companies in india who are providing their low cost and high quality products to the small and marginal farmers.

The Companies providing low cost Irrigation systems are:

1>IDE -Drip Irrigation System
2>Driptech -Drip Irrigation system

Company A- Driptech is an award- winning US-based company that designs and manufactures low-cost, high quality drip irrigation systems for small and marginal farmers. They are providing their services in Karnataka, Jharkhand, and Tamil Nadu. They are distributing their products through Godrej Agrovet dealer network. Driptech providing low cost high quality products to the farmers.

Company B- IDE Low-cost Drip Irrigation System socialpreneur company was initially founded in Denver US as a  not-for-profit organizations which helps small Indian farmers to acquire easy, low cost irrigation systems.IDE working since 1991 in india.IDEI (International development Enterprises India) was created in 2001 as an independent entity. However they cooperate and collaborate with IDE. IDE Sells their products under KB Drip brand.IDEI has created large distribution network for the products. The entire supply chain makes rational profit from manufacturing and sale of products to farmers. By this way, IDEI makes sure that farmers will easily access to its products and will get maintenance support in case they need it.

Benefits of using the Low cost Dripp Irrigation system:
  • Low-cost irrigation system is designed to improve crop yields for small farmers
  • Drip irrigation system is a great way to conserve water and soil nutrients
  • It reduces labour and fertilizer requirements,
  • The simplicity of the design reduces costs to less than half of that of commercial drip irrigation, makes clogging rare, and allows system installation by any local plumber
  • No have to depend on the monsoons for water and can grow year-round, even during the dry season.
  • Yields typically increase 30 per cent and water usage declines 60 per cent.
  • It's yeilds are improved crop quality, crop-per-drop efficiency for agricultural intensification, and cultivation of high-value marketable crops.
  • Drip irrigation is central to improving food security, protecting water resources and ensuring the prosperity of the farmers.

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