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Mushroom Recicpes Books in india

Nutritious Mushroom Recipes

Author: Prabhjot Mundhir

Price: Rs. 125.00
Published: 2004
Publisher: Pustak Mahal

Books Discriptions

There goes an old saying: Foods can make or break you.

That is why it is important to include the mushroom, one of greatest natural wonder foods, in one`s diet.

Some varieties have anti-cholesterol and antibiotic properties.

The common variety is full of high quality protein as well as B vitamins.

With its irresistible taste, exotic flavour and rich aroma, delicious mushroom dishes are a healthy alternative to meat dishes.

Keeping the Indian tastes in mind, the author has innovated some easy-to-follow recipes.

The book contains recipes on starters, soups, salads and dishes for the main course.


*Some of the starters and quick stir-fried vegetable dishes of mushrooms are just ideal for tiffin boxes of children, working women and other office-goers.

*Most ingredients used are easily available. To retain natural taste and flavour, spices are used sparingly.

*Unlike some cookery books that are merely compilations, all the recipes presented here are tried, tested or innovated by the author and would be just ideal for daily meals.

*These dishes can easily be a part of any Indian or Continental menu set for special occasions too.

In short, mushrooms used in everyday cooking will help maintain the good health of your loved ones.

About the author:

Prabhjot Mundhir is a freelance journalist for the trade and industry and is known for her expertise in the culinary arts and delicious innovative recipes.

Her vast interest in research of Indian food played an important role in the culmination of a food CD, The Pleasure of Indian Cooking.

She has won various food competitions and is well known for her classes in cookery.

With this book, she aims to present the mushroom as a healthy and delicious food item.


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