Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Mushroom Training in Bihar

Training programmes on mushroom cultivation technology by Muzaffarpur Botanical Research Institute- Bihar

Training Details
The Cultivation Technology of following types of Mushroom will be covered during the training course with special emphasis on practicals.
1.Cultivation Technology of White button mushroom - Agaricus bisporus and A.bitorquis.
2.Cultivation Technology of Oyster mushroom - Pleurotus spp.
3.Cultivation Technology of Paddy straw mushroom - Volvariella spp.
4.Cultivation technology of Specialty mushrooms - Shiitake

The Cultivation Technology of above mushrooms will cover following aspects in details:
  • Nutritional / Medicinal value of mushrooms and - its relevance in healthy food.
  • Seeds/spawn preparation technique for mushrooms.
  • Substrate preparation technique for mushrooms.
  • Infrastructure requirement for setting up of a composite mushroom farm.
  • Crop raising of all above mushrooms including crop management.
  • Pest/diseases management in mushrooms.
  • Post harvest handling/value addition of mushrooms

Course contents
(Entrepreneurs Training Course)
1) Mushrooms- An agri business
2) Nutritional and medicinal value of mushrooms
3) Culture preparation and preservation techniques in mushrooms
4) Spawn production technology
5) Quality traits in cultivated mushroom strains and consumer acceptability
6) Formulations and recent advances in compost production for button mushroom
7) Post composting supplementations for high yield of button mushroom
8) Recent advances in crop management of white button mushroom
9) Farm-design and infrastructure for a commercial mushroom growing unit
10) Economics of button mushroom cultivation under controlled conditions
11) Cultivation of oyster mushroom (Pleurotus spp.)
12) Infrastructure requirement and economics of oyster mushroom
13) Cultivation & economics of paddy straw mushroom, (Volvariella spp.)
14) Cultivation & economics of milky mushroom ( Calocybe indica )
15) Cultivation of Shiitake and other specialty Mushrooms
16) Cultivation of medicinal mushrooms
17) Competitor moulds/fungal and viral diseases of mushrooms
18) Bacterial diseases and abiotic disorders of mushrooms
19) Insect, pests & nematodes of mushrooms and their management
20) Uses and/or disposal of spent mushroom substrate
21) Post harvest handling, value-addition and marketing of mushrooms
22) Round the year cultivation of mushrooms
23) Financial assistance from Banks for mushroom project
24) Sources of information for various inputs and guidance

1. Culture preparation
2. Spawn production
3. compost preparation for white button mushroom
4. Substrate preparation for oyster mushrooms
5. Substrate preparation for paddy straw mushroom
6. Substrate preparation for Shiitake & Auricularia
7. Substrate preparation for Calocybe
8. Substrate preparation for Reishi mushroom
9. Casing and crop management in button mushrooms
10. Diseases /mould/insect pests, field identification and their management
12. Post-harvest handling for value addition including dehydration of mushrooms
13. Farm visit
14. Video film on mushroom cultivation/ harvesting/ processing
15 Visit to the mushroom farm

Anyone who is wishing to get mushroom training contact the address given below:

Contact Adress
Muzaffarpur Botanical Research Institute
Bhatauliya, (pokhraira), Gidha, Muzaffarpur
For detail log in:- www.mbri.co.in
Mob:- 09931991970, 09404722814

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