Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Best books on Rural Marketing Management in India.

Rural Marketing in India               
                                By G. Srinivas Rao

Rural Marketing Management
                                By Sukhpal Singh

The Rural Marketing Book
                                By Pradeep Kashyap & Sidhartha Ravt

Rural Marketing in India: Strategies and Challenges
                                By Ruchika Ramakrishnan

Rural Marketing- A Development Approach
                                By K.L.K Roa and Ramesh Tagat

Rural Marketing: Indian Perspective
                                By  Awadhesh Kumar Singh, Satya Prakash Pandey

Rural Marketing- Environment, Problems and Strategy
                                                By T.P Gopalaswamy

Rural Marketing Challenges Opportunities and Strategies
                                                                By Ruchi Katiyar

Advertising in Rural India: Language, Marketing, Communication and Consumerism
                                                                                                                By Tej. K. Bhatia

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