Sunday, 8 July 2012

What are the qualities of an entrepreneur? {How to start a new small scale business in india.}

A successful entrepreneurs should have the following qualities:-

  1. He has a clear vision abiut his venture.
  2. He creates or adopt new Innovative technique in business.
  3. He has organizing ability. 
  4. He has Capacities to take risk.
  5. Their willingness to hard work.
  6. Ability to Marshal Sightedness.
  7. High degree of ambition .
  8. He has full self confidence
  9. Very sound decision maker
  10. Energetic and entrepreneurial attitude.
  11. Ability to organise and administer.
  12. He has sound technical knowledge
  13. He has flexibility and adaptability in business.
  14. He has dynamic outlook.
  15. He has firm will power and determination.
  16. He has tactful in business practices.

                                                      By Amarjeet Kumar {MBA Marketing}

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